Your Hashtag questions answered

Last week I posted about hashtags and it got so much engagement, clearly it's something you want to know more about.

Most people said they couldn’t stand the little blighters, but the truth is, they are a great tool for your business, so let’s learn how to love them and get them working for you.


How many hashtags?

You can use up to 30 but 11 is the magic number to help the reach of your post. If the hashtag as had more than a million uses, don’t use it because your post will drop into an ocean and you won’t get noticed.

How do I find out many uses a hashtag has?

Simply, type the hashtag into the search box and it will give you the number of users underneath.

Instagram Hashtag research

How many uses should a hashtag have?

Think - niche! Use hashtags that have fewer than 500k. Even at 2k you will probably gain high engagement because you will stand out.

How do I find the best hashtags to use?

Find out what your audience are looking at. What hashtags are they using? What hashtags are the accounts they like using?

Do a little stalking! See what your competitors are doing. See which posts got loads of engagement. Look at the hashtags used on that post.

How do I know if my hashtags are working?

Check your insights. It tells you how many people have looked at your post because of your hashtags. If it’s working - use it again!

Extra DENspiration: Don’t use the same hashtags each time you post because Instagram will assume it’s spam.

I recommend keeping a collection of hashtags, maybe in your notes or scheduling tool (if you use one), have a few different sets you can change between.

Should I update the hashtags I use?

Yes! Keep updating them and discovering new ones, and you may find a hashtag you have been using for a while has gone too big and isn’t serving you any longer.

Should I only use little hashtags?

Use a variety. Mix between 2k(ish) and 500k definitley no bigger than 1M.

Is it any different for Stories?

In stories, you can go BIG and jump on the back of trending hashtags. I don’t know if you remember me doing the Dolly Parton challenge a while ago but that was brilliant. You can get people looking at your stories who wouldn’t normally find you.

Should I use 11 hashtags for Stories?

No, for stories you want a maximum of three. Make sure you use the sticker for the main hashtag and possibly two more in the text, any more Instagram thinks it’s spam.


Does the above apply to LinkedIn?

They're really beneficial on LinkedIn. You can start ‘trending’ from a hashtag, which is very exciting – who doesn’t want to be trending, right!

Apply the rules from above to find the best hashtags for your business but here, aim for ones with larger user numbers to get noticed.

What number of hashtags should I use?

The Magic number here is between 3 and 5.


Does it apply to Twitter?

Yes, BUT… on Twitter, you want to use hashtags that are trending.

How do I find what’s trending?

When you first go into your account, you’ll see it. Check if there is something you can add value too and can get your tweet noticed under that hashtag.

How many should I use?

No more than two otherwise your tweet will lose reach.


And… Facebook?

Shockingly – no! Unless you are part of a big event like Sports Relief, they don’t add any value. Plus, anymore than three hashtags and Facebook assumes its spam.

Is there an alternative on Facebook?

You get much more value using the @mention feature on Facebook, so try that.


No problem! Slide into my DM’s or drop me an email and I’ll help you figure it out.

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