The best Instagram Update: Everyone can add web links to their stories!

Adam Mosseri made businesses with less than 10k followers on Instagram VERY happy by giving everyone access to the link sticker, allowing us to share web links in our Instagram stories. Previously only available to those with over 10K followers, it's the news we've all been waiting for!

Read on to find out everything you need to know about link stickers, where to find them and how to use them effectively to grow your Instagram account.

What is the Instagram Stories Link Sticker?

You add them to your Instagram stories and are clickable just like the @mention, location and hashtag stickers. Viewers can tap the sticker and it drives them to your website giving you so many more opportunities to promote your blog, products and services.

Where do you find the Instagram Stories Link Sticker?

Instagram has said that EVERYONE will get access to the link sticker on stories. Find it by adding a new story and then clicking on the square with smiley face in the top menu.

If you don't have it yet, try updating your app and if still no luck then hang on in there, it does take time for Instagram to roll new features out.

Once you've selected the link sticker you type or paste your web link into the Add Link field and your link will be clickable in your story.

You can change the colour of the link by tapping it once it's in your story.

Bonus Tip: Avoid placing the sticker at the bottom of your story where your DM box appears to viewers and also keep it away from where they tap to go to the next story or backwards.

Six tips to use your new link sticker to grow your business

#1 Add a Call-to-Action to your story

If people are viewing your stories, they may not want to leave Instagram to go to your link, so you need to give a strong CTA, make it obvious that they need to tap the sticker and what the benefits are if they do!

Use text to highlight the link sticker or even put it over the top like this:

This can help to make it stand out more or to fit in with your brand colours and fonts.

You can even add a story Gif eg tap to find out more, book here or an arrow to emphasise your link sticker.

#2 Link to your lead magnet or email list sign up

Grow your email list by sending your Instagram followers straight to your lead magnet or email sign up page. Again, make sure you share the benefits of becoming part of your email community.

#3 Link to your latest blog

Provide a teaser in you story of your latest blog post and entice people to click the link sticker to find out more.

#4 Link to product or services pages

If you're talking about a product or service in your story, providing the link for people to buy is a no-brainer! This is the best news for service providers as we've been unable to tag products like retailers.

#5 Collaborate with other businesses which share your audience

Add extra value to your audience by sharing links to other sites which you know they will love. A product or service that complements yours or to an article or blog that highlights why your business is needed.

#6 Make sure your links are mobile friendly and don't use too many

With all the excitement of finally getting this feature it could be easy to get carried away, linking every story to a different web page. Your followers are scrolling through stories, they are not going to want to keep clicking off stories every time. Be strategic and intentional, build up to the story with the link sticker sharing all the benefits of clicking on it.

It's vital that the web link you add is mobile friendly, we are all looking at stories on our phones.

And finally, remember that the link sticker is new, users are used to the swipe up function, so it may take a while for people to get used to it.

Have you got the link sticker yet? If you have, are you finding it beneficial to your business? If you need any support with growing your Instagram why not book a power hour with me and get some expert eyes on your account to help you grow?

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