Should I be posting on social media right now?

If you have been asking yourself this question since the outbreak of COVID-19, trust me, you are not alone!

A lot of businesses seem to be questioning where during a global crisis, does marketing on social media fit, and if it is OK, what should they be posting?

Firstly, don’t stop posting

We are on our phones more than ever, looking for ways to communicate with others and the world around us (internet usage has doubled according to Virgin Media). If you don’t show up, your audience is going to go elsewhere.

Use this as your time to shine!

We are all feeling a bit anxious, 2020 is not turning out how anyone planned. Acknowledge how you are feeling and empathise, but give an uplifting message. Spread some positivity and bring some joy to your content. Audiences will respond more positively to your feed.

How can you help?

Always think in terms of adding value. Ask yourself, how can I help people? This doesn’t have to be related directly to your business. You might have some fab coping strategies you can share or suggestions on how to work with the kids at home. Think of it as a way to showcase your business in a way that people can return to when things are a little calmer.

Build relationships

Use this time to build your rapport and relationships with your audience. Get connecting with them by helping with the things they will be worried about or want answers too. Like comment and share on other peoples posts. Find where your audience is hanging out on social media and become visible there, pay a compliment or respond with a helpful comment and don't forget to use your direct messages to start conversations.

Be entertaining

We are all loving and sharing memes, funny videos, anything that make us laugh (Whatsapp have reported a 51% increase in usage). If you have a funny story, silly anecdote or (not too embarrassing) photo – now is the time to share it. These are the types of post that get shared and you'll increase your reach and build your following.

Go behind the scenes

Show people how it’s working out for you being at home and how it is affecting your business. Again, it’s fine to acknowledge what’s difficult, as long as you have some positivity to the content. People always love to see behind the scenes of a business but now even more so! Show them your working from home set up and let them feel part of your brand.

Extra DENspiration

Join the hashtag Face Behind the Brand. Post an image of yourself with #facebehindthebrand and tag some businesses you love, asking them to do the same.

Think before you post

Now isn’t the time to be super sales-y (yes that’s a word), but businesses are obviously struggling right now, so it is essential to market yourself but in a helpful and positive way. Make sure that your message is sensitive to the situation, applaud the heroes and share the love for people and businesses around you.

If you are still feeling unsure, please feel free to drop me a line or book in for a Power Hour ⎯ they are currently half price if you have signed up to my newsletter, so this could be a great time to get your social media marketing nailed.

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