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I'm so excited to welcome my first guest into The Social Den - copywriter, Nicola Bourne.

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Tell me a little bit about you and your business…..

Hi Rebecca, thanks for having me In The Den!

I am a freelance copywriter, so I basically write copy and content for businesses. This can be anything from the wording for their website, to newsletters, to captions for social media.

What are your top tips for writing a great caption on social media?

Keep it snappy and try and say it in as few words as possible. I often spend time taking words out of people’s copy. Especially on socials, people rarely read long posts, so keep it short and if you have a lot to say, spread it over a few posts. Try and keep your voice and messages consistent.

Can you give us any help in how to generate content ideas for blog posts?

Lists! It sounds really simple but one of the first things I get clients to do is write lists around their subject area. Lists are quick and they get the mind whirring. Don’t edit or criticise yourself, just let it flow. Afterwards, go back and choose your favourite ideas.

How do you manage to write in so many different styles to become the voice of your clients?

When I meet with a client, I am able to get a feel for the way they speak about their business, whether it’s very corporate, fun, friendly, structured. Then, I always take time to read things the client has already written, whether it’s on their social media, website, existing newsletters or blog posts, and of course, there is the feedback I get on a first draft. This is the great thing about working with someone over a period of time, I become so familiar with the voices of some brands, I can just slip back into it anytime.

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What do you love about your job?

Seeing my words being used online or in print is still such a thrill to me.

I generally work with small, independently owned businesses so I often meet with the owners and get to see an immediate impact when working with them.

When you’re not copywriting, what do you enjoy doing?

As well as copywriting, I’m an author so if I’m not writing for other people I am writing for myself. I’m also a single mum so if I’m not writing I’m knee-deep in mummy mode. Or true to stereotype, you can find me reading.

Finally, as you’re in The Social Den, we have to know; what is your favourite part of the TV series, Friends?


To find out more about Nicola's copywriting services check out her website - I highly recommend her, she has helped me so much with copywriting. Thank you so much for reading this blog post. If you would like to get all my social media tips, make sure you sign up to my newsletter here:

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