Five Ways to Increase your Social Media Engagement

Updated: Feb 27, 2020

Are you struggling to get engagement on your social media posts? Posting and getting tumbleweed back?! Then read my five top tips to increase your engagement below!

Increasing your Engagement

“How can I get more reach and engagement on my social media posts?”

This has to be the question I am asked the most and to be honest, it's probably one of the easiest to answer! It's not rocket science, or even a big mystery, just do these five things and watch your engagement soar!

1. Engage!

This sounds obvious, doesn't it? But so many people (including big brands actually!) just see their social media as a tick the box exercise. They post their content and think, job done. You NEED to be social on social!

  • Reply to comments on your posts as quickly as you can, this will allow a conversation to start - this is your ultimate aim as the algorithm LOVES lots of comments!

  • Reply to your direct messages and use your direct messages to chat with your audience.

  • Like, comment and share other peoples posts, not just your audiences posts but posts on accounts where your audience hang out too.

Doing all of the above not only helps to increase engagement but makes the algorithm happy so it's a win-win!

2. Share Content that Adds Value

“Is your content about you or your audience?.”

It's not about you, it's about them! Don't broadcast, instead think about how you can solve your audience's problems or maybe you can educate them, sharing tips, interesting statistics and facts. Creating and sharing content which adds value to your followers not only keeps them interested in your account, it also can make them want to share your posts. Shareable content reaches so much further, so if it's entertaining, helpful or sparks an emotional response you're onto a winner.

Use your insights to see what content has worked well in the past, which posts have received lots of likes, comments and shares and create more of the same sort of content.

3. Be Consistent

Being consistent is key for everything social media related. You really do have to SHOW UP on your social media channels! This can be once a week, three times a week or every day, but whatever your business can commit to, make sure you stick to it. If you post every day one week and then go quiet for a month, firstly your followers are going to go somewhere else but secondly, the algorithm isn't going to be your friend and when you do post, no one is going to see it.

Remember to post at a time when your audience is going to be online too!

4. Let People see the PERSON Behind your Business

I think I must say "People Buy from People" more than anything else!

Social media gives you the opportunity to let people behind the scenes of your business and also to show the personalities behind the brand. Instagram and Facebook stories are perfect for this, as they allow you to share less polished and more real "in the moment" content about you and your brand.

But this content also needs to filter into your Instagram grid, Facebook feed and LinkedIn posts. Photos and videos of you and your employees, will all help boost your engagement and reach. As you become more visible, your audience gets to know you, like you and most importantly build up trust in your brand. Aim to be building a community on your social channels and also offline too. The more fans you have talking about you, the more engagement you will receive.

A post with a photo of a face is 38% more likely to attract likes and 32% more likely to attract comments.

5. Invite Interaction

Step five brings all of the above together. If you're engaging with your audience, being social on social, sharing content which adds value consistently and being personable and authentic, then this is going to be easy and the icing on the cake!

When creating content, always try to invite interaction. This is not just a call to action, which would be something like "Book Now" or "Buy" (although it's fine to include these too!) this is asking for opinions, thoughts and feedback. You can use polls, quizzes and sliders on stories and questions in your post captions. This is your opportunity to start conversations (which remember the algorithm loves on all platforms). You will also get valuable feedback from your customers and build relationships and trust.

Building a community around your brand, of people who know, trust and like engaging with you, is the best way to grow your reach and engagement, so next time you post, stop and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have I been engaging myself or am I just broadcasting my own message?

  2. Is this post adding value to my audience?

  3. Am I posting consistently?

  4. Is this post authentic and personable?

  5. Have I got an invitation to interact?

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